Download e-book for kindle: 1001 symmetrical patterns: A complete resource of pattern by Jay Friedenberg;Jacob Roesch

By Jay Friedenberg;Jacob Roesch

ISBN-10: 1592536204

ISBN-13: 9781592536207

Artists, image designers, and craftspeople are regularly trying to find new assets of suggestion and new principles to include into their paintings. This e-book is an in depth print and digital library of symmetrical styles in altering preparations and colorways, encouraged via conventional iconic motifs present in a number of cultures all through heritage. The styles are suited for many purposes, together with duvet, tile, cloth, jewellery, architectural, product, site, and photograph layout. The enclosed CD-ROM permits the reader to breed, resize, or differently alter all the designs for their personal reasons.

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1001 symmetrical patterns: A complete resource of pattern designs created by evolving symmetrical shapes by Jay Friedenberg;Jacob Roesch

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