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By Malcolm T Sanford

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Hooker's examination of my father's Galapagos plants, and were published by the Linnean Society in 1849. ] NATURAL SELECTION. 23 flora as you have done the Galapagos. In the Systematic paper I was rather disappointed in not finding general remarks on affinities, structures, &c, such as you often give in conversation; and such as De Candolle and St. " " Very soon afterwards [continues Sir J. D. Hooker] in a letter dated January 1844, the subject of the 'Origin of Species' was brought forward by him, and I believe that I was the first to whom he communicated his then new ideas on the subject, and which being of interest as a contribution to the history of Evolution, I here copy from his letter " :—] C.

MY DEAR HOOKER,—I have read your paper with great interest; it seems all very clear, and will form an admirable •introduction to the New Zealand Flora, or to any Flora in the world. How few generalizers there are among systematists ; * Probably Godron's essay, published by the Academy of Nancy in 1848-49, and afterwards as a separate book in 1859. ' [ l8 53- I really suspect there is something absolutely opposed to each other and hostile in the two frames of mind required for systematising and reasoning on large collections of facts.

31 I wish I ever had any books to lend you in return for the many you have lent me. . All of what you kindly say about my species work does not alter one iota my long self-acknowledged presumption in accumulating facts and speculating on the subject of variation, without having worked out my due share of species. But now for nine years it has been anyhow the greatest amusement to me. Farewell, my dear Hooker, I grieve more than you can well believe, over our prospect of so seldom meeting. I have never perceived but one fault in you, and that you have grievously, viz.

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