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By Baugh, Albert Croll; Cable, Thomas

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It was noted that between such a pair of words as Latin centum and English hundred the correspondence between the c and h was according to rule, but that between the t and d was not. The d in the English word should have been a voiceless fricative, that is, a þ. In 1875 Verner showed that when the Indo-European accent was not on the vowel immediately preceding, such voiceless fricatives became voiced in Germanic. In West Germanic the resulting ð became a d, and the word hundred is therefore quite regular in its correspondence with centum.

Didomes) (dial. dídonti) The material offered by Sanskrit for comparison with the other languages of the group, both in matters of vocabulary and inflection, was thus of the greatest importance. When we add that Hindu grammarians had already gone far in the analysis of the language, had recognized the roots, classified the formative elements, and worked out the rules according to which certain sound-changes occurred, we shall appreciate the extent to which the discovery of Sanskrit contributed to the recognition and determination of the relation that exists among the languages to which it was allied.

8 The West Germanic languages may be classified in different ways according to the features selected as the basis of division. Thus it is very common to divide them into an Anglo-Frisian group and a German group that includes Old Saxon. The division given in the text is none the less basic and is here retained for the sake of simplicity. A history of the english language 30 26. Celtic. The Celtic languages formed at one time one of the most extensive groups in the IndoEuropean family. At the beginning of the Christian era the Celts were found in Gaul and Spain, in Great Britain, in western Germany, and northern Italy—indeed, they covered the greater part of Western Europe.

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