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The aim of this examine is to offer a considerable a part of the corpus of the Akkadian language within the kind of a grammar. This grammar has approximately the subdivisions well-known within the box of Assyriology, yet its association has profited from the grammatical versions and outlines advanced in present linguistic examine.

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V> sign after /a/; in the phonological analysis these glides are best grouped as allophones of the zero phoneme, or of morphophonemic length {:}. 1ÍT. 6. 38 PHONOLOGY Note that the signs wV and IA belong to a sub-system with three members ; I have discussed their interpretation in another context, see Reiner, 1964. 2. STRESS Stress is not phonemic; this is indicated by the following considerations: While length is phonemic, and serves to differentiate morphemes (words), there are no cases where stress alone would differentiate two morphemes (words).

The inadequacy, or lack of "fit", remained and increased when it was borrowed by the Akkadians, both in the direction of overdifferentiation and of underdifferentiation. Palliatives such as scribal conventions and later secondary differentiations of signs to introduce into the writing differences pertinent in the language never reached a point where it could be said that every combination of phonemes found expression in the writing. While it is well known that the writing system was not designed for Akkadian, it is not generally accepted that it was not designed for Sumerian either.

U/ and /ku:$u/ can again be grouped as one morpheme {kusu} on the basis of the free variation of length. This not only accounts for the "compensatory lengthening", of course, but also for the reverse process, the "doubling" of a consonant to replace the length of the vowel and the phonologically equivalent phenomenon described as the shortening of the vowel before a double consonant, that which occurs in such pairs as Mrruttu ~ sarrütu and may be rewritten as {sar:ut:u ~ sar:u:tu} or {sanutu}.

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