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Ariane saw Kiran detour past Gloria, a fevered excitement in his eyes. Gloria smiled at him and shook her head. ” Oh, it's probably just as well. Dammit. “If it'll make you lay off for awhile, fine,” Ariane muttered, watching Kiran's admirable backside as he filed out of the room. ” * * * * Ariane glanced over her shoulder warily as she headed down the alley, glad to leave the noisy bar behind. Emma's friend had seemed nice enough, which normally made Ariane feel like a heel. She hated fending off the ones she'd really rather get to know.

Kiran staggered to his feet. ” “It's an earth elemental, you idiot! ” She ran straight at him, as if…as if my tail were on fire. Ha! With a half-hysterical whinny, Ariane pounded toward Kiran. Bless his heart, he finally turned and ran. Ariane glanced back over her shoulder. Gloria was sprinting in the opposite direction, and the giant—now head and shoulders above the earth and slowly squirming farther out—blocked her view of the others. It looked frightfully annoyed, glaring across the small space at Gloria, but Ariane knew better than to think that it would turn on its summoner.

With an angry hiss, Gloria grabbed Kiran roughly by the hair, pointed at Ariane with her free hand, and started chanting. Eep! Move, move, move! Ariane leapt forward, darting toward the unconscious man and the mage next to him. Her tail burst into flames with a whoosh that singed the hair off her rump. ” Ariane shrieked in horse. “You miserable witch! ” This is definitely going to put a kink in Marty’s 4H project. Without slowing, she ran between the unmoving initiate and his attacker. The mage jumped out of the way, but all Ariane had hoped for was that the proximity would make Gloria hesitate with her next spell.

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