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Symptoms for radiography... ideas for larger radiographs... basic anatomy... irregular opacities... roentgen indicators of stomach masses... lay-flat binding for functional use within the medical institution.

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Can cause pulmonary edema if inhaled. Do not use ionic organic iodine if aspiration is likely. Non-Ionic Organic Iodine Preparations ✓ Non-ionic organic iodine (Iohexol, Iopamidol) has the advantages of ionic organic iodine and is NOT hypertonic; it does not cause the side effects associated with hypertonicity. But: ✓ Newer and still MUCH MORE expensive ✓ It does not coat mucosa well (see page 104 for dosages). Esophageal/Gastrointestinal Contrast Procedures ✓ Use esophageal/gastrointestinal contrast procedures when diagnosis or determination of the course of therapy cannot be made from the survey radiographs and other clinical information.

B. Ventrodorsal view. Ovarian Masses Roentgen Signs A) Right ovary ✓ Well defined homogeneous mass appears caudal to and separate from the right kidney (Figure 4-14). ♥ Ovarian ligaments stretch readily, so when the ovary enlarges, gravity sends it to the abdominal floor where it pushes the descending duodenum and ascending colon medially. ✓ A large mass can pull the caudal pole of the right kidney ventrally. B) Left ovary ✓ A well-defined homogeneous mass appears caudal to and separate from the left kidney.

Cystography identified the urinary bladder, which is normal. RK:right kidney; B:bladder; P: prostate. The urinary catheter is seen as a lucent band at the tip of the black arrow. com 57 ✓ The uterus is located in the caudoventral abdomen. ✓ Pyometra is the most common condition causing pathologic uterine enlargement. Remember to keep normal pregnancy in the differential list. Roentgen Signs Tortuous tubular opacities are seen in the caudoventral abdomen (Figure 4-18). Lateral View ✓ The small intestine is pushed dorsally and cranially.

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