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This deep perfection of wisdom] and gives them glowing descriptions of the heaven of the Four Great Kings and so on, [and of Listener nirvana and urges them to go there]. In this [the Lord] has restricted his explanation to clashes where the student comes first and the teacher after­ wards. Now, he again restricts what he says to seven kinds of clashes, [the thirty-seventh to forty-third] hindrances, where the teacher comes first and the student afterwards. Why? Because he thus teaches that you can place both teacher and pupil in the earlier or later position, since the hindrances occur regardless of whether the order is teacher first and pupil afterwards, or pupil first and teacher after­ wards.

There [in the Large Sutra], based on all noble persons, they are systematized as the aspects of threefold all-knowledge. Thus [Maitreya] says, - Beginning with close mindfulness and ending with the aspects of Buddhahood, they assert thirty-seven, thirty-four, and thirty-nine of these [aspects] for Trainees, Bodhisattvas, and Buddhas, respectively. Why? Because these are in accord with the divisions of the true path into the three kinds of all-knowledge. 4-6] So there [in the Large Sutra] this [systematization] is in accord with the true path.

It does not grow or decrease [as a practice of] other's welfare, does not view dharma and non-dharma, does not see an unthinkable form and so on, does not conceive of form and so on, their signs, or their essential identity (bhava), bestows the jewel of the fruits, is pure, and has a limit. 9-11] He means practice. There [in the Large Sutra], practice that does not settle down in form and so on is where [the Lord] prohibits settling, and permits [Bodhisattvas] to make that their endeavor, saying, [a Bodhisattva who courses in perfect wisdom] does not stand in form, etc.

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