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1 There are diphthongs in PIE, but their occurrence is predictable based on the Basic PIE Syllabification Rule in (9). If [y] or [w] occurs after a vowel, the vowel-glide sequence will be realized as a diphthong (and not as two syllables); if one of these sounds occurs before a vowel, it is considered to be an onset. 20 (9) Basic PIE Syllabification Rule (Schindler 1977) operating iteratively from right to left: [+son, -syll]Æ[+syll]/{[-syll], #}___{[-syll], #} “sonorants become syllabic when between any combination of two nonsyllabics and word boundaries” The syllabification rule is easily handled by a constraint-based system such as OT.

23 and ending will be helpful to avoid confusion: a suffix is a derivational morpheme, an ending is an inflectional morpheme. This distinction will be important when it is time to advance to an analysis, because it will be shown that the inflectional affixes are subcategorized as either dominant or recessive, while there is no such distinction made for derivational affixes. (11) R + (Sn) + E Notable exceptions to the typical R+S+E pattern are the root nouns and the verbal root presents and root aorists, which do not have an overt derivational suffix, meaning the root is a monomorphemic stem to which the ending is added.

As has been explained in this chapter and will be demonstrated more thoroughly in chapter 4, there is strong preference for root stress in PIE – underlying root accent is never deleted and ALIGNL dictates the root as the default position for stress. If hysterokinetic roots were accented, they should behave like acrostatic nouns; if they were unaccented, they should behave like proterokinetic or amphikinetic nouns (depending on the specification of the suffix). In any case, the result would be a stressed root in strong cases, but this is not what happens.

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