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This infrequent set of prints is sort of mythical between students of the army uniform. those prints have been made up of real watercolor work of the themes in Turkey by way of an itinerant French painter named de Molleville. One wonders if he have been possibly a undercover agent despatched by means of Napoleon to evaluate the army could of Turkey?

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Bulgarian education experi­ enced an important boost and graduated from these schools a generation for whom the Turkish regime had become intolerable; these graduates formed the first cadres of the future Macedonian revolutionary movement. The towns where Bulgarian schools functioned constituted the first homes of the future revolutionary organization: Monastir, Ichtip, Resna, Uskub, Koukouch, Doi'ran, Guevgueli, and especially in Salonika where the Bulgarian school, transformed to gymnasium, had its first graduating class in 18851886.

Until 1897, the Ottomans authorities did not suspect the exis­ tence of the organization. There were several reasons for this: on one hand, IMRO was not very active, since the meetings in 1893, 1894 and 1896 did not consist of more than 15 to 20 participants. Only a denunciation could have revealed to the Turks what was being prepared. On the other hand, it was only beginning in 1896 that IMRO took a concrete form founded on secrecy. The movement sought to organize by hiding, conscious that it did not yet possess sufficient strength for a direct confrontation.

Chosen for the bishopric of Andrinople, he was forced to refuse the bérat of investiture by the Porte who could not accept the nomination of a Bulgarian bishop to head this diocese. In 1876, he was sent to Loftcha as metropolitan. 8 The Austro-Hungarian military attaché, von Giesl, saw an intelligent man in the prelate and one of the best sources of information on the Macedonian question. “He has exact knowledge,” he writes, “of the THE ARMED STRUGGLE 29 people and of the Turkish mentality. ”9 Since the schism, the two Churches became rivals in Macedonia.

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