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26) Stem rje t’X’e Derived form me-rje-v-e ‘milk’ me-t’X’e-v-e ‘forest’ (/me - e/ is an affix denoting a professional affiliation) In the examples in (26), epenthesis of the sonorant /v/ occurs in order to resolve vowel hiatus. The process cannot be explained without reference to the morphemestructure conditions of Georgian, where stem patterns are enforced at the stem-affix boundary. 20 The same constraint seems to operate across a stem and a suffix boundary. 21 (27) a) prefix + prefix + root + suffix c’a - a - k’itx – a ‘made somebody read’ PREV - NEUT MARKER - V ROOT - PAST TENSE MARKER b) prefix + root + suffix sa - arak’ - o ‘fantastic’ (/sa - o/ - is an affix denoting abstract notions; /arak’-/ ROOT) Thus, in the cases of both Gothic and Georgian, the formulation of a rule cannot be explanatory unless morpheme-structure conditions are mentioned.

More generally speaking: a vowel lengthens exactly before the consonant clusters listed in (29). (29) /p t k s/ + /r j v/ Vennemann (1972) suggests that the formulation of the rule could be what has traditionally been called “open syllable lengthening”. The simple case of open syllable lengthening is demonstrated in (30). (30) Open syllable lengthening  V  → [+long] / — CV + stress   This rule covers forms such as (28a), but not (28d). An additional rule such as (31) is needed to explain (28d).

A restriction with the same effect is formulated under the name of “Strict Layer Hypothesis” (Selkirk 1984b), and later as the Prosodic Licensing Principle (Itô 1989). (21) Prosodic Licensing (PL) All phonological units must be prosodically licensed, that is, belong to higher prosodic structure. The principle means that each unit should belong to a member of the next higher level in the prosodic hierarchy; segments must belong to syllables, syllables to metrical feet, and feet to prosodic words.

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Aircraft Manual - Hurricane I - Merlin II Engine [Air Pub 1564A Vol I] (Air Ministry

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