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By Michael Krings, Giuseppe Montana, Richard Dronskowski, Claudia Wickleder

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In India there once lived a brahmin from whose lips pearls fell whenever he laughed. He married the daughter of a king and had a son by the name of Kumara. " Sometime latter, the brahmin found his wife sleep­ ing with another man. The brahmin, in disgust, left her and moved to another place. Upon a certain occasion a certain king wished to see pearls fall from the brahmin's lips and commanded him to appear before him. As he was going to the king's court he saw a parrot straining water with the feathers of its wings and drinking it.

When the king had given his promise, the brahmin explained everything in detail and suddenly the king and the brahmin saw the futility of the round of births and deaths, became weary of it, entered the Sangha, retired to a secluded place and devoted their lives to meditation. The moral: practise hypocrisy and deceit if you will but there are those who can see through it. Therefore, be honest. 33 (9) Never follow the advice of a false, selfish friend. If you do what cunning, bad friends tell you, Sometime you will be badly deceived, As when the monkey deceived the turtle.

Some of the merchants were deceived; they looked back at the women, and immediately fell to the ground. Those who refused to be tempted and look back were returned safe and sound to India. The Buddha said: "I was that horse Valaha. At that time those who put their trust in me and attained happiness were w ithout number. In the same way, those who now exert themselves in my Teaching and observe the vows they have made will unquestionably be delivered from the round of birth and death. " Later Singala became ruler of the empire.

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