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G ƒaÎfi ô¶fG Impartiality / Nonpartisanship Dealing with matters in a fair unbiased manner. It is the operational expression of neutrality. OÉ«pM áª∏μd á«fÓª©dG IQÉÑ©dG Imperiali Quota Sometimes used in largest remainder PR electoral systems to determine how seats are awarded. The quota is ascertained by the following formula: total vote divided by the number of seats plus two. 2 ~FGR ,~YÉ≤ŸG An illegal practice which consists of assuming to be someone else with a view to voting in his/her place.

Franchise The constitutional right to vote. âjƒ°üàdÉH ≥◊G ÖNÉædG íæÁ …òdG …Qƒà°S~dG ≥◊G The definition of a free and fair election is about more than just a smooth technical process, but also includes the respect for basic civil and political rights such as freedom of expression, of movement, of association and assembly; as well as the absence of barriers to the full participation of all citizens, without any form of discrimination; the absence of any form of intimidation; and the compliance overall with the rule of law.

E á°SÉ«°S ∫ÓN øe º«¶æàdG √ÉŒGh ~eC’G »àdG äÉ«∏ª©dGh ,äÉ°ù°SDƒŸGh ,~«dÉ≤àdG ᫪cÉ◊G πª°ûJ ,ÚæWGƒª∏d 䃰üdG AÉ£YEG á«Ø«ch ,Iƒ≤dG á°SQɇ Oq~– . ΩÉ©dG ¿CÉ°ûdG ÉjÉ° b ‘ äGQGô≤dG òNCG á«Ø«ch áeq ÉY äÉHÉîàfG Geographic Targeting ‘Gô¨L ±G~¡à°SG áq«°SÉ«°S-ƒ«÷G äG~MƒdG /ôFGh~∏d »Ø«c º«°ù≤J /…RÉ«ëfG º«°ù≤J ôFGh~dG ôjhõJ GOTV= Get Out The Vote /∂Jƒ°U íæeG âjƒ°üàdG ™«é°ûJ Governance áeƒμM/ºμM /᫪cÉM 36 Government áeƒμM Government of National Unity á«æWh I~Mh áeƒμM Grassroots h~jDƒe /á«q Ñ©°T ~YGƒb á«°SÉ«°S ácôM hCG ÜõM Gubernatorial Election á«q ªcÉM äÉHÉîàfG Government - Gubernatorial Election System of social control under which the right to make laws, and the right to enforce them, is vested in a particular group in society.

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