An Introduction to Fuzzy Logic and Fuzzy Sets by Professor James J. Buckley, Professor Esfandiar Eslami PDF

By Professor James J. Buckley, Professor Esfandiar Eslami (auth.)

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This publication is to be the start line for any curriculum in fuzzy platforms in fields like desktop technological know-how, arithmetic, business/economics and engineering. It covers the fundamentals resulting in: fuzzy clustering, fuzzy development popularity, fuzzy database, fuzzy picture processing, tender computing, fuzzy functions in operations learn, fuzzy selection making, fuzzy rule established structures, fuzzy platforms modeling, fuzzy arithmetic. it isn't a publication designed for researchers - it really is the place you actually research the "basics" wanted for any of the above-mentioned applications.

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So N must be a normal fuzzy set. The a-cuts of N, N[a], are always [n 1 (a), n 2 (a)], 0 :Sa :S 1. N[a] is a closed, bounded, interval for all 0 :Sa :S 1 means that N[a] = [n 1 (a),n 2 (a)] where n 1 (a) is the left end point and n 2 (a) is the right end point of this interval. The support of N, {xiN(x) > 0}, bounded means that there is a positive number M so that the support of N is a subset of [- M, M]. We do not allow intervals like (a, oo), (- oo, b) or (- oo, oo) for the support of N. We purposely did not say that the membership function had to be continuous.

7. There are different types of fuzzy sets. 31). 31) X was finite but we can also have discrete fuzzy sets for X infinite. Let X= Rand A a fuzzy subset of R so that A(x) "I- 0 only for x in {1, 2, ... , 10}. 34) a discrete fuzzy set, where A(i) = J-Li, 1 ~ i ~ 10. 35) A = {d /-Ll . ' h. J-L~ . ' ... } . epresswn sc ~zop renza At the other extreme of discrete fuzzy sets we have "continuous " fuzzy sets, fuzzy subsets of R whose membership functions are continuous. 1 gives an example of a continuous fuzzy subset of R.

D. A~B ifandonlyif Bc~Ac. 2. Using i(a, b)= min( a, b), u(a, b) =max( a, b) determine if the following are true for fuzzy sets: a. An (B u C)= (An B) u (An C). b. (An B)c = (Ac u Be). c. An (Au B) = A. d. Au Ac = X , An Ac = ¢. 3. Using i = (a, b) = ab, u(a, b)= a+ b- ab determine if the following are true for fuzzy sets: a. AnAc = ¢. b. Au(BnC) = (AUB)n(AuC). c. Au (An B) = A. d. A~ B implies Au B = B. 4. Can you find a i(a, b) and u(a, b), subject to i(1, 1) = 1, ... 17) are all true for fuzzy sets?

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An Introduction to Fuzzy Logic and Fuzzy Sets by Professor James J. Buckley, Professor Esfandiar Eslami (auth.)

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