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Besides there may be a question as to whether any cathexis can have taken place if no substitute desire has yet been formed. We have seen that one is a function of the other (see p . 9). , take the place of, or make up for, the desire that has become impossible to satisfy, say, sucking mother's breast. When the substitution continuum has found its new balance, counter-cathexis is established. T h e object of the desire, or that aspect of the object which satisfied the desire, has been repressed.

That may be as much or more, or less, than a comparable "non-specialist". T h e fact that they are painters, public speakers, etc. does not tell us which. e. the ease with which they learn about or cathect conditions under which they satisfy the desires in question —and if we could take a look at their work, we may be able to get a first idea. A painter who has almost no people in his compositions and is painstakingly meticulous and slow in his work is likely, other things being equal, to have had to give up more than a colleague who prefers to have people in his compositions and works elegantly and fast.

T h e more difficult it gets, the more will it take on the character of "mourning". If all repressions have been completed, mourning is over. One more example to illustrate the process of repression at a later stage of development when, we might say, all basic or primary repressions have been achieved more or less successfully and repressions become necessary thereafter. Think of a girl who has been slighted at a party by another guest. So she feels, at least, and that is what matters psychologically.

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