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Numeechun. In A, we see the object spaheek, 'soup', overtly present. In B, we are referring to the object sdpaheek, 'soup' but it is not overtly present in the phrase. Therefore the objective form for I eat, 49 Numeechun, 'I am eating it', is used. If the object sdpaheek, 'soup' were clearly present in the phrase, we would get the absolute form shown below. (97) numeech sapaheek, 'I am eating soup' Below is a skeleton for the TI3 objective paradigm TI3 Objective person stem sing. pl. I nu-un un-ash 2 ku-un un-ash 3 wu-un un-ash 1p nu-una-n un&-n8n-ash 12 ku-una-n unan8nash 2p ku-una-w unaw8wwash 3p wuw -una-w unaw6wash X --- _ -un unash You will notice below that the prefixes for person appear in the expected forms.

91) ahtaw T12, 'own, have' nutahtawun, 'I own it' nutahtawunash, 'I own them' kutahtawun, 'you own it' kutahtawunash, 'you own them' Notice that the expected prefix for first and second person are present-nu-, ku-. Also, the objective marker -un sits directly next to the verb ahtaw. In the plural objective, we see the familiar inanimate plural marker -ash. wutahtawun, 's/he owns it' wutahtawunash, 's/he owns them' In the third person forms, we see that the prefix for third person wu- is present.

Later we will see however, that there is no overt marking in the verb for third person singular. Next, consider the follwing sentence. kunaw waskeet6p, 'you see the man' Here again, the subject 'you' is built into the verb and is indicated by the expected prefix for second person. You can see that in both of the examples above, the object waskeet6p, 'man' is overt. Therefore, we must use the absolute form of the verb. If the object of the phrase is not overt, then the objective form of the verb is used.

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