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By Higgins, Godfrey ESQ

The treasure of information obtained during the research of languages is to liberate the presents of antiquity. This e-book is an try to draw apart the veil of the "saitic isis" or an inquiry into the beginning of languages, international locations and religions.

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Not far from the old temple of Jaggernaut is an immense fire tower, now in ruins : its roof was supported by two wrought-iron bearers, 21 feet long, 8 inches square. 6 They lie under blocks of stone 16 feet long, 6 feet deep, and 2 or 3 feet thick . I think we have never seen a beam of wrought-iron of these dimensions in Europe . The Brahmins of India were believed by Mons. Bailly to have been Chaldeans . In the minutes of the Society of Antiquaries, dated 19th February, 1767, is a letter from a gentleman, at Benares, to Mr.

In Hebrew `t1 br means place, or residence, or house, and 50 ml circumcision or the circumcised . Then this would be country of the circumcised, or initiated . But in Greek Mad means either yellow or golden fleece, or yellow or golden apple. It is not a more ridiculous mistake than their Meru for thigh. That the Argonautic mythos, with its golden fleece and apples is here, no one can deny : and he must be credulous indeed who believes that the South Indians copied an astronomical mythos, adapted to their own astronomy, from Greece, to whose astronomy it had no relation .

S Jurieu, Vol . II . pp . 255, 256 . 6 Ib. pp . 257, 707 . e Jurieu, Vol. II . Treat . vii . Ch . ii . p . 198 . 9 Lib. i. con. Astrol. p . 339. 1O Nature et Scripturse Concordia, Cap. iv . Lipsise, 1752. a 762 Two Tombs of Thomas character of Chaldaeans. We see the same character of Chaldaeans continue with them from beginning to end . The Egyptian kings gave permission to the Jews alone to exercise the art of making gold . I I have little doubt that the word Callidus for cunning, i . e . wisdom, and Callidus hot, and xaXog beautiful, To xaaov, are all, in their root, the same, and all arise from the same original idea : and, I have no doubt, in the numeral or arithmic letters, which I shall explain by and by, it has been XL-650 or Kala_72 .

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