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By David R. Knechtges, Taiping Chang (Editors)

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Ultimately this is the long-awaited, first Western-language reference advisor focusing completely on chinese language literature from ca. seven hundred B.C.E. to the early 7th century C.E. Alphabetically prepared, it includes at the least 775 entries on significant and minor writers, literary varieties and schools,"" and significant chinese language literary phrases. as well as offering authoritative information regarding each one topic, the compilers have taken meticulous care to incorporate distinctive, up to date bibliographies and resource info. The reader will locate it a treasure-trove of historic bills, specifically whilst looking during the biographies of authors.Indispensable for students and scholars of pre-modern chinese language literature, heritage, and inspiration. half One incorporates a to R.

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He served as governor of Langye 琅邪 (administrative seat Jincheng 金城 in Puzhou 蒲州, modern Jurong 句容, Jiangsu), Pengcheng 彭城 (administrative seat, modern Xuzhou), and Guiji 會稽 (administrative seat Shanyin 山陰, modern Shaoxing). In 524, he was assigned as regional inspector of Dong Yangzhou 東揚州 (administrative seat, modern Shaoxing). He was summoned to the imperial court where he served as palace attendant. He was then appointed governor of Danyang 丹陽 (the area of the capital district) and put in charge of military affairs at the Shitou 石頭 fortress.

These are all on yongwu subjects. Xiao Tong’s collected works has a large corpus of prose. He wrote a number of letters to his younger brothers Xiao Gang and Xiao Yi in which he expressed his views about writing. These are important sources for Xiao Tong’s literary thought. Xiao Tong’s most important treatise on literature is his preface to the Wen xuan. Xiao Tong also edited the collected works of Tao Yuanming 陶淵明 (ca. 365–427). The collection does not survive, 1512 xiao tong 蕭統 (501–531), zi deshi 德施 but the crown prince’s biography of Tao Yuanming and the preface to the collection are extant.

Hu Dehuai 胡德懷. Qi Liang wentan yu si Xiao yanjiu 齊梁文壇與四蕭研究. Nanjing: Nanjing daxue chubanshe, 1997. Yu Shaochu 俞紹初. “Zhaoming taizi Xiao Tong nianpu” 昭明太子蕭統年譜. 2 (2000): 66–78; rpt. in Yu Shaochu, ed. and comm. Zhaoming taizi jiaozhu, 271–324. Cao Xu 曹旭. “Lun Xiao Tong” 論蕭統. 8 (2000): 68–76. Liu Jianguo 劉建國. “Xiao Tong jiguan kao” 蕭統籍貫考. Zhaoming Wen xuan yu Zhongguo chuantong wenhua 昭明文選與中國傳統文化, 150–56. Changchun: Jilin wenshi chubanshe, 2001. Cao Daoheng 曹道衡 and Fu Gang 傅剛. Xiao Tong pingzhuan 蕭統評傳.

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